Collection: Flavoured Gouda Cheese

We have something for everyone: spicy, smokey, peppery, and so much more!
14 products
  • Black Pepper ~225g Wedge
  • Black Truffle ~225g Wedge
  • Celery ~225g Wedge
  • Chili Pepper Smoked ~225g Wedge
  • Chili Pepper ~225g Wedge
  • Cumin Aged ~225g Wedge
  • Cumin Mild ~ 225g Wedge
  • Farmstead Smoked ~225g Wedge
  • Fenugreek ~225g Wedge
  • Friesian ~225g Wedge
  • Goat ~225g Wedge
  • Horseradish ~225g Wedge
  • Mustard Seed ~225g Wedge
  • Wild Nettle ~225g Wedge